Project mobility in Vilnius Grigiskes Sviesos gymnasium. Day2

Greetings and feelings

We started the second day with a short quiz about “How are we feeling today” on After everyone participates, we will encourage the participants to share how they are feeling with everyone. 

 How a story is born

Our team presented the topic of today’s work: “How a story is born”. We explained every detail and made sure that everyone knows what they have to complete and learn. 

Work in groups

Everyone was divided into groups. They had a topic on which they have to write an article plan. We checked up on everyone if they have any questions or issues.

Presenting ideas

Some groups presented their ideas and plans. They talked about what they are planning to write next and how the work in groups went. 

Assigning homework

Since everyone has written their article plans, they had to complete the work they started at home.

Scavenger hunt

After all the hard work, we had some fun. We explained the rules of the scavenger hunt. Everyone was divided into groups. Every group had to complete the task of the example given. After everyone completed their work, we shared our creations.

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