Project mobility in Vilnius Grigiskes Sviesos gymnasium. Day3

Hellos of the day

We started the third day of the virtual mobility program by saying our hellos of the day and talking about what we will learn.

Lithuanian history

When everyone was ready for a day full of work, we started the first presentation on “The most important dates of Lithuanian history”. Here everyone learned about the most important dates of our history and why we value them as much as we do. We watched a video about Lithuania’s independence day and learned about the creation of modern-day Lithuania.

Educational quiz

After all the efforts of learning about our culture and history, all of the students and teachers had a chance to test their knowledge by playing a fun Kahoot game. They were amazing! It was very interesting to see how much they have learned in just an hour!

A cultural tour

Everyone had an amazing chance to visit a museum. Even though we couldn’t see it in real life, we got to learn and experience old Lithuanian architecture like huts and houses. After the virtual tour, the project participants watched a presentation about the “Lithuanian culinary heritage”!

Teamwork makes the dream work

After learning so much about our culture, students and teachers from participating countries got to share their national dishes, architecture and traditions by making a poster on the Jamboard app. They even learned about “koldūnai”, a traditional dish passed on from many generations! They wrote some recipes of dishes that they think resemble “koldūnai” the most.

Assigning homework and talking about feelings

Now that everyone worked so hard, we finished the activities by assigning the homework of the day and learning about everyone’s feelings after a day full of hard but rewarding work on All was very hungry after dumplings task 🙂

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