Project mobility in Vilnius Grigiskes Sviesos gymnasium. Day4

Greetings and feelings

We started the fourth day with a short quiz about “What are you expecting to learn today?” on We talked about some answers and asked others to speak their mind out loud. 

Watching educational videos

After speaking our minds and getting comfortable, we watched three prepared videos about climate change, sea turtles and a video on how to change our planet. These videos are very important because spreading awareness about these topics is very important.

Group games

After learning about the important but sad topics, we lightened up the mood with a crossword group game. Everyone was divided into groups in which they had to find all the hidden words by the stated time. 

Awareness poster making

Since spreading awareness about the issues is very important, everyone was divided into groups once again. After talking about the rules and work process, everyone got to work. They had to make a poster to spread awareness. Examples was included. When everyone finished their work, we came back to the main meeting room and presented our posters and ideas behind them.

Green test

To relax after the creative process, we took a test about how green we are. We had debates about some of the questions and answers.

Assigning homework

After a long day full of work, we assigned some homework.

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