Food is very important in Portugal! It is always a good opportunity to join family and friends together on a traditional Portuguese dish. To the Portuguese, there’s nothing like the Portuguese food, it’s the best in the world!

Although Portugal is a small country, each region has its typical food and we have a huge variety of dishes. In the North of Portugal, the food is typically heavy, like Feijoada, Cozido and different kinds of sausages. By the coast, fish and seafood are more frequent.

In Portugal we eat a lot of fish. We are the 3rd highest per capita country in fish consumption in Europe. Portuguese people love Bacalhau (salted codfish), that there are more than 365 ways to cook cod or even more!

I am from Setúbal. Setúbal is on the south-west coast of Portugal, so I will talk about typical food from Setúbal.

Bacalhau à Bras

Bacalhau à Brás is one of Portugal’s most loved recipes of Bacalhau. It is made with shreds of cod, very small and thin fried potatoes, onions involved with mixed eggs. Everything is stir-fried and, in the end, the dish is garnished with eggs and parsley. 

Grilled Sardines

Sardines are one of the most abundant fish in the Portuguese coast, it is one of the most popular and typical dishes in Portugal. This simple dish is cooked by grilling the sardines on a hot charcoal grill. It is mostly served in the summer. Normally it is eaten with a slice of bread , boiled potatoes and roasted peppers, lettuce, cumcuber and tomato salad.

Choco Frito (fried cuttlefish)

Choco Frito is a traditional Portuguese food from Setubal. This dish is made with fried cuttlefish involved in egg and flour (it is similar to calamari) and then served with french fries and salad.

Ameijoas à Bulhão Pato (Clams)

In Setúbal we eat a lot of fish, seafood and oysters. Ameijoas à Bulhão Pato is a evry delicious and traditional food. It consists of stir-fried fresh clams, garlic, olive oil then adding lemon juice and coriander.


Bifana is one of Portugal’s best sandwiches, it is a pork steak sandwich seasoned with garlic and a spicy sauce. It is simply mouthwatering. Normally you can find these sandwiches in food stalls in fairs, festivities or in some specific restaurants.

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