March 11 is the Day of Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence

March 11 – is a public holiday. This celebration is to commemorate the signing of an act on March 11, 1990, to restore Lithuania to an independent state and not to occupy the USSR (Soviet Union).

March 11th Act

But the USSR did not intend to recognize Lithuania’s independence. Therefore, they imposed an economic blockade on Lithuania, suspended and severely restricted the supply of raw materials. After some time in 1991. in January. Soviet paratroopers were introduced to the Baltic States, and on 12 January Armored vehicles appeared on the streets of Vilnius. At that time, crowds of people peacefully defending independence gathered near the Press House, the TV Tower, the Radio and Television Building and the Parliament. 1991 January 13 14 people were killed during the armed USSR aggression.

The Russian Federation recognized Lithuania’s full independence in 1991. July 29 by signing an agreement with Lithuania on the framework of cross-border relations.

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