Kaziukas fair

Like every year, this year during the first weekend of March the streets, squares and other expected and unexpected places will be flooded with the Kaziukas Fair. With centuries of tradition, the displaying of original handmade products, the feasting on culinary heritage dishes, and the delighting in Verba, a Kaziukas fair has no equal in neighboring countries.

Kaziukas Fair: 416 years of history alive in the streets of Vilnius | We  love Lithuania

Who is this Kaziukas?

St. Casimir, son of King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania Casimir IV, was canonized in 1602. In conjunction with his feast day celebrations, merchants established a fair. Over the centuries, this fair has become a spring festival celebrating the return of warmth and greenery. Famous to this day for his piousness and generosity towards the sick and poor, the beloved St. Casimir is a patron saint of Lithuania and Lithuanian youth. By the way, in Lithuanian, Kaziukas is a diminutive of Casimir.

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