2nd day of Erasmus+ visit in Croatia

The 2nd of our visit in Croatia Erasmus+ “The Power Of Understanding” project day. In the morning we met at the school and all together had a trip to one of the most beautiful nature parks in Osijek “Kopački rit”. We had a task to locate our directions we were going and count the distance between marked checkpoints. At the destination point we had a chance to look at the nature and spectate all the fabulous birds in the reserve, one of those birds was a white-tailed eagle. Back at the center all the country students planted an oak tree that represents their country. After that we had a lunch at “Zlatna greda” restaurant. After lunch we sailed in a boat, in a canal that connects to the Danube, we got a chance to see untouched nature and many wild birds that live there as well as a huge minefield that is still active till this day. At the end of the day we had a dinner at the local restaurant

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