Eco problems near my school

Car wash. In the middle of the city. Everyone is using the car wash. Most of the time there are car wash liquids flowing down the drive-thru and into the streets and parking lot. Liquids are made from toxic material and different chemicals that are toxic and dangerous for the environment. also it’s making pollution in the middle of our city, where all the traffic is.

There is a highway near Grigiškės, cars, trucks, and other equipment. Increased pollution and noise from the road due to dust and noise from the road. Because there are always cars on the road. Because from this place you can go from Vilnius to other cities.

This is “Grigeo” paper factory that’s located in our city. Factory is working almost all the time, smoke is coming from it and polluting the air. To make paper factory is using a lot of water that it takes from nearby river. After the making progress, the water is cleaned and poured back into the river, but the water still has some chemicals that are not good for the environment. In the near past “Grigeo” was charged a few million fine for having secret pipes that pour untreated water back into the river.

Grigiskes is surrounded by rivers, but there all polluted and companies are not doing anything to stop it. The mayor wanted to clean the main river for years, though there was no progress in all of that time. People still bathe in the river in the summer, but the water looks disgusting nowadays, its all brown and blury. I hope the maoyr and the companies stop their polution, and start thinking about the environment.

Deforestation. In the picture, you can see a forest that has been cut. They cut it to build a warehouse. This forest is in a beautiful place, on the hill. The trees were young. That person who gave permission to cut it should be in jail. Then they ask why there are so many phenomena related to air.

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