Yesterday, on the fourth day of our visit to the Erasmus project The Power of Undersanding in Croatia, we started with a trip to one of Croatia’s most wonderful parks, Planinarski dom Jankovac. There we saw a dangerously clear lake, and a long waterfall. The next stop was the State Horse Ranch in Đakovo, where they are housed over a hundred marble-coloured horses – Lepians, they are such a remarkable breed that even Elizabeth II wanted one. The horse itself has a lot of remarkable stories that I’m not even going to start telling. After the horse ranch, we turned down the city street at one of the biggest cathedrals I’ve ever seen. I’m talking about St. Peter’s Cathedral, whose interior is of unspeakable beauty. We ended the trip with a party at a restaurant where we danced and sang and then went back to school on a straight route.

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