About project

International Erasmus+ program KA229 project

The Power of Understanding!

Nowadays, new technologies and methods have created a problem in schools that fewer and fewer students read books, communicate face to face and, as a result, their literacy and speaking skills are declining, and current children find it increasingly difficult to express their thoughts. Pupils of today’s schools face the problem of pupil illiteracy, comprehension of texts and smooth teaching of various subjects and ideas.

To solve this problem, a new international Erasmus+ project “The Power of Understanding” was launched in the 2019 school year, in which students from Lithuania, Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus and Romania participate in this project, in addition to us. Students will have the opportunity to self-assess by writing literacy tests, deepening their knowledge of geography, assessing the ecological situation, writing a blog, creating drawings, posters, etc.

To implement the project goals, 5 clubs have been established in the gymnasium:

The Magic of the Word

The little journalist

“We are European Citizens”

“Traveling in space in time”

Ecology club

Most importantly, the students participating in the project will get acquainted with the realities, traditions and culture of their lives by interacting with students from other countries, thus getting to know and appreciate the otherness and uniqueness of their country in the European context. It will also develop tolerance for different races, nations, attitudes, communication and cooperation skills.